Kiddie Academy Summer Camp 2017


We are so excited for Summer Camp 2017!!!

We have a lot of fun things planned.

Please go over this calendar so you are aware of what fun awaits your child here at Kiddie Academy.

A few reminders:

Please make sure your child is signed in and out with the exact times daily.

Children need to have 2 blankets for nap time as well as extra clothes (weather appropriate)

There will be a summer camp fee of $30.00 per child. This fee is due by June 23rd

Please go over this calendar so you can be aware of what will be going on during summer:

You will also find a couple of reminders that we do need to go over.

~Please make sure your child is being signed in & out everyday (include the exact times)

~Make sure your child has 2 weather appropriate blankets for nap time.

~Please make sure your child always has extra clothes (weather appropriate)

~Check your child’s mailbox daily

~Make sure to take everything home on Fridays to be washed and brought back fresh and clean on Mondays

~NO toys at school Monday-Thursday!!! 1 share toy on Friday share toy should be able to fit in your child’s locker and no aggressive toys (guns, knives, swords)

~Update emergency cards as soon as there is a change (phone numbers, addresses, people allowed to pick up your child from school)

~We are open Monday-Friday 6:45a.m.-6:00p.m. ($1.00 a minute fee after 6 p.m.)

~Please notify us when your child will not be at school.

~NO CELL PHONES!!!!Please finish your conversation outside before coming to pick up or drop off your child.

~No flip flops at school. Sandals are fin, but must have back strap and toes need to be covered.

Summer Camp Calendar may be viewed on the following links:

June 2017

July 2017

August 2017

Thank you

Kiddie Academy Staff